• Version update: Synch 5.2 is on air with a new Safe Worker solution

Version update: Synch 5.2 is on air with a new Safe Worker solution

We’re excited to announce the readiness of our new Synch Version 5.2. (released with 5.1 in a single drop). This version is a significant upgrade for us, and marks the entry of Synch to new markets of Lone Worker and Safe Worker solutions. 

The evolution of Synch to provide Safe Worker features arrived through our close relationships with our customers and partners. The demand came from real life use cases and needs and since the platform already serves critical communication needs of first line workers. With our command, control and advanced location capabilities, the extension to Safe Worker was a natural:


Meet Synch Safe Worker 

Safe Worker is a new add-on module in Synch, providing organizations with tools for mitigating risk situations of workers:

  • Workers can signal safe worker presence statuses: working at risk, working alone, automatic man down all added to the existing SOS alarm.
  • Organizations can monitor workers’ statuses with an upgraded command and control interface on the Dispatch Console. 
  • Workers risk history is logged, and communications are recorded for post-event investigations. 
  • Incidents can be reported from the Synch app or via dedicated interface on the dispatch console, then managed, tracked, and resolved. 


The new Geofencing Features

Geofencing isn’t new on Synch but the amount and depth of upgrades it received on 5.2 provide a whole new experience: 

  • Geofences and POI additional parameters: name, description, on/off capability, and more. 
  • POIs (points of interest) on map can be added with a circular geofence around them. 
  • Visibility of geofences can be set flexibly, with color coding, severity levels and exposure and impacted workers settings. 
  • Proximity alerts can be set at the distance defined by dispatcher, so the worker gets a notice before reaching the danger zone. 
  • Geofence crossing alarms can be set and invoke a pop up for worker feedback.


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