• Synch launches version 5.3 with advanced location based collaboration
Synch PTT

Synch launches version 5.3 with advanced location based collaboration

Synch has released version 5.3 of its PTT and collaboration app, with significant enhancements that enable seamless and efficient enterprise collaboration across all three platforms: Mobile Apps for both iOS and Android, the Web Dispatch Console that serves as the command center, and the web Admin Console for ongoing administration.

Synch’s ongoing commitment to providing the latest and greatest features every quarter makes it the go-to platform for Push to Talk Over Cellular (POC) communication. With Version 5.3, users can expect increased productivity, improved communication, and enhanced team collaboration.

With the enhanced location based capabilities, the map operated function, advanced geofence capabilities and lot of ad-hock dynamic behavior, the collaboration becomes really smart.

Here are the key new features that come with this launch:

Critical communications features:

  • Roger Beep sound at the PTT transmission ends
  • Vibration levels on incoming PTT
  • Remaining battery voice announcement
  • Lost connectivity voice alarm

Chat improvements:

  • Homepage choice customization
  • Update users when they joined a new group
  • Security additions
  • Auto logout in non-use
  • Video messaging compression and user feedback

Advanced Feature Updates:

  • Default location for organizations
  • Attach multimedia to incidents
  • Adding and editing POI from mobile
  • View and filter POI and geofence layers on maps

Usability improvements:

  • Improved emergency pop ups
  • Geofence alarms
  • “Submit incident” tool improvements
  • Smart poor connection detection
  • Weak video signal indication

Web Dispatch Console:

  • Improved performance
  • Improved POI details presentation
  • Table filtering customization
  • Preview pane design upgrade
  • Geofence creation usability improvements
  • Message sent / received / displayed indicators
  • Map context menu

Synch Admin Console

  • Groups Batch Edit
  • Logout user from afar
  • Show users’ OS permission on Admin
  • Download / share files capability
  • Default recording of new groups
  • Branding with 2 logos: Light and dark upload

From group communication to location sharing, the Synch platform has everything you need to stay connected with your team no matter where you are. And with our ongoing dedication to improving and innovating, you can trust that we’ll continue to lead the way in POC PTT technology.

Choose Synch and experience the power of seamless communication for deskless workers.


Synch enables immediate communication via voice (PTT), text, video and location with any user, group, device apps and data over cellular and WiFi. By embedding Synch, managers can always stay in control and organizations can experience a dramatic upswing in their teams efficiency, productivity and safety.


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