• Synch Health App Set to Transform Patient Care
Synch Health PTT

Synch Health App Set to Transform Patient Care

Smart private 5G Network and a Revolutionary Health App Set to Transform Patient Care: Synch and Rambam Hospital Join Forces!

Rambam Health Care Campus and Synch, with support and funding from the Israel Innovation Authority together with the Ministry of Communications and partners, have launched a groundbreaking smart 5G network and network-integrated application for the healthcare industry.

Together with Pelephone, who provides the advanced 5G network, Rambam IT department who integrated the system to the hospital electronic patient record (EPR) and Elbit systems for the command-and-control capabilities, the Synch Collaboration app, leverages floLIVE 5G core network technology to enhance communication among medical staff in the hospital’s emergency room. The app features push-to-talk (PTT over cellular) functionality and uses voice recognition and keyword detection technologies to ensure a prompt and effective response in emergency situations. The smart network can detect and allocate resources based on emergency keywords used in communications among ER teams.

Effective collaboration among medical personnel is a major challenge in hospitals, especially in critical situations where quick access to patient data, medical history, and expertise is essential. The Synch app offers smart tools for collaboration between the hospital’s command center, teams, medical events, and patients.

Caregivers and the EPR medical file collaborate to provide better treatment: the Synch app provides medical personnel with automated tools for retrieving medical files, obtaining medical advice, and forming consultation groups. All communications are secure and comply with strict medical privacy regulations.
One of its most useful features is the clinicians consultation application, SyncHealth, which allows caregivers to scan a patient’s barcode and instantly connect with the team of doctors, care givers, and the medical record who have previously treated the patient and are knowledgeable about the patient’s condition. This enables the care giver to consult with the team, share relevant information, and receive insights that can improve the patient’s treatment process and lead to faster recovery.

Rambam and Synch are committed to developing digital healthcare solutions that incorporate smart networks, AI, and collaboration technologies to enhance public health and efficiency in hospitals.


Synch enables immediate communication via voice (PTT), text, video and location with any user, group, device apps and data over cellular and WiFi. By embedding Synch, managers can always stay in control and organisations can experience a dramatic upswing in their teams efficiency, productivity and safety. For more information: https://synchapp.io/

Rambam Health Care Campus is a 1000-bed world-class teaching hospital. The patient population is diverse, as Rambam is the major tertiary (referral) medical center for all of Northern Israel, including12 district hospitals and defense and peacekeeping forces stationed in the region. Serving more than two million residents and others referred from all over Israel, the Mediterranean region, and around the world, Rambam is strategically located in Haifa on the Mediterranean coast and plays a critical role in the healthcare of the region’s residents, in addition to making a major contribution to the economy of the north. For more information: https://www.rambam.org.il/