Flexible Deployment Options

Synch is designed to adapt easily to any type of deployment. Our customers use Synch in a variety of configurations: from the cloud as an enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, or on premise installation on large production facilities with the highest security demands. 

Few of our customers use Synch as a tactical communications platform on a Mobile Private Network (MPN). Large distributors can deploy Synch under the hood in a White Label format as their own service.  

SYNCH Deployments allow for flexible configuration options:

SaaS PPT Over Cellular (POC)

Synch can be provided in SaaS (software as a service) for quick organizations on boarding and easy implementation. Successful deployments of Sync from the cloud support thousands of users, in few of the largest PTT groups deployed globally.


Synch is deployed on multiple on premise and MPN (Mobile Private Networks) installations, providing complete communications solutions for remote and business-critical services facilities.

White label

Large distributors and mobile operators have an option to deploy Synch under the hood, as a white label solution. They provide a branded, evolving and feature rich enterprise communications platform while delivering their brand values.

Enterprise Branding

Enterprise branding can be provided to large organizations. After signing in to Synch, their workers can use Synch with a flavor of their organization colors and logo 

Presence status updates

visually convey workers status on peers devices. Statuses include online/offline, busy, lone and risk worker statuses, SOS man down and more: as each organization can set unique mission related statuses and roles.

Organizational control

in settings users can choose their preferences and customize the app to their taste in many aspects according to organization policy.