• Announcing: Widebridge rebranding into Synch
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Announcing: Widebridge rebranding into Synch

We’re thrilled to announce our big rebranding. Meet SYNCH – the new name, logo and values that conveys our innovative transformation of the Push to Talk (PTT) apps into a new and powerful collaboration platform. 

Widebridge started as a small innovation department within Elbit Systems – one of Israel’s largest and successful tech companies. Over the years our PTT app and SaaS solution has evolved and grown. It was chosen and deployed successfully by leading service providers globally, while being perfected, designed, improved and enriched to a level it could stand in line with the worlds leading PTT platforms.

And then came the Covid pandemia. All organizations and systems had faced huge pressures to become ever more efficient under uniquely demanding circumstances. People, organizations, resources and tools were pushed to their limits in an effort to continue their missions and save lives. Widebridge had met the challenge, to become better at all aspects of providing real time communications to organizations. Our system was many times at the center of critical life saving situations, which demanded best performance with no compromises.

Out of these challenging times, our platform had evolved so dramatically, that a spinoff from Elbit Systems and rebranding Widebridge into Synch were just the first natural steps in our growth story.


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