• Introducing Synch V5.4: Elevating Critical Communication with Powerful New Features

Introducing Synch V5.4: Elevating Critical Communication with Powerful New Features

Synch is introducing new Playback, Radio Mode and Splash Alert features on version 5.4: 

Imagine a scenario where every essential communication is captured and can be revisited, even in the midst of a bustling environment or a busy schedule. Synch’s new Playback feature brings this vision to life. Our Push-to-Talk (PTT) technology already enables real-time voice and video conversations, but now, with Playback, you won’t miss a beat. Users within Synch’s PTT groups can replay group messages for up to 8 hours, guaranteeing that important information is never lost in the noise.

The significance of Playback becomes even clearer in critical communication scenarios, where split-second decisions can mean the difference between safety and chaos:

  • Emergency Response Situations: High noise levels and distractions can’t drown out crucial real-time communication.
  • Security Operations: No more compromising safety due to missed messages; Synch has your back.
  • Safety-Centric Work Environments: Clear communication is paramount to prevent accidents and maintain a secure workspace.

However, the benefits of Synch’s advancements extend far beyond these critical moments. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Efficient Supply Chain Management: In supply chain and logistics operations, timely communication is the heartbeat of success.
  • Precision in Manufacturing: Avoid costly delays and errors with flawless communication in manufacturing and production.
  • Exceptional Field Service: Deliver top-notch service and minimize downtime by ensuring that messages are never overlooked.

But that’s not all. Synch’s version 5.4 is packed with features crafted based on invaluable feedback from our customers. Allow us to introduce two more key components of this monumental update:

Radio mode 

For those transitioning from radio devices to our modern communication platform, we’ve created the Radio Mode. This functionality allows for push-to-talk within a designated group while muting other groups, ensuring a seamless experience. The optional setting can be customized to apply to specific users or all users, providing a comfortable transition for teams making the switch.

Splash Alerts with Impact

When a message demands immediate attention, our Splash Alert feature shines. These alerts burst onto the screen, capturing users’ focus instantaneously. Accompanied by a brief, attention-grabbing sound alarm, the message can also be read aloud through a Text to Speech (TTS) function. Ensuring engagement, the splash alert requires user approval before closing, guaranteeing that no critical announcement goes unnoticed.

At Synch, our mission is to enhance communication, enabling businesses to thrive and operate safely, even in the most demanding environments. With the introduction of Playback, Radio Mode, and Splash Alerts in version 5.4, we are taking a leap forward in achieving that mission. These features are more than just additions; they’re tools that empower you to overcome challenges and act effectively in critical situations.   

Synch PTT Splash Alert
Synch PTT Splash Alert



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