Safe Worker

The Synch Safe Worker and lone worker module provides safety monitoring of workers and incidents at risk. The solution combines app capabilities and control room Alarm Receiving Center/dispatch console (ARC) as defined by industry standards. It provides organizations with better safety by monitoring multiple events, such as:

Synch safe worker highlights:

Lone worker support

Support workers’ safety on the job on lone missions- workers mark their working alone status, and their presence representation changes and signals their status on Dispatch Console for dispatchers and to their connected peers and groups.

Working at risk supervision

Workers can update status  when they are working at risk, and a set of dedicated safety features is activated immediately to support them, including: man down alarms, network connectivity and low battery statuses and alerts, higher visibility to dispatchers and more.

Advanced Geofencing

Geofencing areas and POI alerts and alarms make sure that workers are aware and alerted before entering high risk locations 

No movement alarms

Audio visual alerts on critical situations (SOS, man down) will alarm the system and nearby workers.

Incident reporting

Tools for reporting and managing field issues that require attention and resolving.

Automatic Alerts

Various incidents, geofence entries or exits, proximity to POI, and presence status updates will inform both users and dispatchers in real time.


Investigation tools of safety events.