• Rescue Mission in Turkey with Cutting-Edge Technology: Synch PTT
Synch PTT

Rescue Mission in Turkey with Cutting-Edge Technology: Synch PTT

Synch, a Push To Talk (PTT) and command and control application, supports United Hatzalah in their earthquake aid mission in Turkey.

The delegation utilizes the SYNCH platform, which was developed for civilian use after its core technology was originally created for defense purposes.

Synch provides a comprehensive communication system for the volunteers and teams in Turkey, including a mobile app and a command center for managing the efforts from a central location. It offers real-time tracking of users and groups and tools for effective communication and coordination.

With the Push-To-Talk (PTT) capabilities, similar to radio devices, teams can communicate with each other in one-to-one or one-to-many modes, as well as live stream video and share updates and files. Synch is highly adaptable, using any available data network and supporting both Android and iOS devices, making it an ideal tool for rapid deployment in any country.

In addition to being United Hatzalah’s day-to-day communication platform with Pelephone’s mobile network, Synch has been proven in several large-scale rescue events, such as the disaster at Mount Meron.