Mobile application

With the Synch app, any mobile device (both Android and iOS, large or screenless devices) becomes a Push To Talk over cellular working tool. Any frontline team member is instantly connected with its peers and can push to talk in collaboration groups (Walkie-Talkie channels), securely chat and message, or transmit multimedia and video calls.

Synch is the best PTT app for its best in class user experience:

Easy PTT homepage

allowing for quickest PTT with recent and favorite contacts, and an easy and quick access to sound output controls.

Recent communications

shows both history contacts and call log views and makes it easy to reconnect with the most relevant users quickly.

Organizational phone book

keeps everyone in sync with peers and roles, and can connect with allocated contacts without needing their phone numbers or emails.

Workers’ locations

lets field teams track, sync and contact each other by locations on maps.

Presence status updates

visually convey workers status on peers devices. Statuses include online/offline, busy, lone and risk worker statuses, SOS man down and more: as each organization can set unique mission related statuses and roles.

Organizational control

in settings users can choose their preferences and customize the app to their taste in many aspects according to organization policy.