• Introducing Synch 5.5 with enhanced emergency response features

Introducing Synch 5.5 with enhanced emergency response features

Over the past three years, Synch has undergone a remarkable transformation. It has evolved from primarily a Push-to-Talk (PTT) solution into a robust and comprehensive platform that encompasses a wide range of collaboration tools, enhanced worker safety features, and advanced organizational command and control capabilities.

With the introduction of this extensive array of features, we recognize the importance of ensuring that the system operates at its best. Our goal is to enhance the performance of Synch, ultimately providing a reliable and efficient experience for our users. This version incorporates some key critical communications, command and control features for supporting security companies, teams and civilian lead counter terrorism teams, which makes it highly suitable for critical events.  

Highlights of Synch 5.5:  

For Teams & Dispatchers:

  • Enhanced emergency response:
    • Critical splash alerts: Sound & location sharing, even in background/DND.
    • Dispatch list: See who received/missed critical alerts, quick action options.
  • Improved communication:
    • Priority groups: Hear urgent channels even while on another.
    • Broadcast groups: Managers/dispatchers talk, others listen (no PTT/chat).
    • Playback on P2P & pause for live PTT: Review recordings & stay focused.
  • Powerful dispatch console:
    • Filters: Focus on relevant users/groups on map, reduce clutter.
    • User data search: Find users quickly by info entered in Admin.
    • Text-to-speech alerts: Hear critical messages on Dispatch Console.
    • Incident report export: Generate CSV, PDF, Excel reports for audits.

For Everyone:

  • Stability & bug fixes: Enhanced performance & reliability.
  • Location sharing options: High accuracy, limited (critical alerts only), never.
  • Floating PTT (Android): Minimize app, stay connected with PTT on top.
  • Updated volume controls: Separate settings for alerts, PTT, & text-to-speech.
  • Share content to Synch (Android): Easily share photos & videos directly.
  • Scheduled availability (Android): Set silent/earpiece times for uninterrupted work.

And more!


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