Dispatch Console

With the web based Dispatch Console, control rooms are for connecting with all users and groups on their organizations from a single command and control center. Its advanced features allow for multiple actions, communications, incidents and alarms to be managed quickly and efficiently.

The Dispatch console key features are:

PTT Center

Communicate with many contacts, groups and users from the PTT center. Customize your contacts panels with favorite contacts and departments. View recent communications, locations, incidents and workers status updates. 

chat and messaging

Send text messages, images and videos, attach files and send splash text announcements to groups and users. You can be in contact in parallel with any user and group.


Splash messages

Send burst announcements to multiple users. Splash messages act as  text announcements which appear on top of any Synch app page to make sure that the message isn’t missed. For critical situations and screenless devices, splash messages can be announced as PTT with Text to Speech (TTS) and added with optional sound alert. 

Map and location-based control

Dispatchers and controllers view, sync and communicate with users and teams by locations on maps. Advanced features include geofencing, dynamic groups and alerts creation, Points Of Interests (POI) creation, multiple layers view and more. 

Geofencing and POI

Mark locations, areas, Points Of Interests, and create dynamic groups, alerts and alarms. Geofences appear on maps as polygons with severity levels and matching color coding. Alert users when getting near or crossing marked lines. Activate alarms, create dynamic groups and manage location based incidents. 

Status Center

Synch’s dispatch console provide control rooms with a centralized view of all users and groups. Users provide live presence statuses of various types: standard on going work statuses as well critical situation updates.

Incidents Center

Users can update dispatchers on issues and incidents that need attention via Synch’s incident reporting tool, or via PTT to dispatcher. Incidents are logged and tracked, marked with priority, severity and can be resolved by dispatchers.