Synch Health App Set to Transform Patient Care

Smart private 5G Network and a Revolutionary Health App Set to Transform Patient Care: Synch and Rambam Hospital Join Forces! Rambam Health Care Campus and Synch, with support and funding from the Israel Innovation Authority together with the Ministry of Communications and partners, have launched a groundbreaking smart 5G network and network-integrated application for the […]

Synch launches version 5.3 with advanced location based collaboration

Synch PTT

Synch has released version 5.3 of its PTT and collaboration app, with significant enhancements that enable seamless and efficient enterprise collaboration across all three platforms: Mobile Apps for both iOS and Android, the Web Dispatch Console that serves as the command center, and the web Admin Console for ongoing administration. Synch’s ongoing commitment to providing […]

Rescue Mission in Turkey with Cutting-Edge Technology: Synch PTT

Synch PTT

Synch, a Push To Talk (PTT) and command and control application, supports United Hatzalah in their earthquake aid mission in Turkey. The delegation utilizes the SYNCH platform, which was developed for civilian use after its core technology was originally created for defense purposes. Synch provides a comprehensive communication system for the volunteers and teams in […]

Version update: Synch 5.2 is on air with a new Safe Worker solution

We’re excited to announce the readiness of our new Synch Version 5.2. (released with 5.1 in a single drop). This version is a significant upgrade for us, and marks the entry of Synch to new markets of Lone Worker and Safe Worker solutions.  The evolution of Synch to provide Safe Worker features arrived through our […]

Announcing: Widebridge rebranding into Synch

Synch logo

We’re thrilled to announce our big rebranding. Meet SYNCH – the new name, logo and values that conveys our innovative transformation of the Push to Talk (PTT) apps into a new and powerful collaboration platform.  Widebridge started as a small innovation department within Elbit Systems – one of Israel’s largest and successful tech companies. Over […]

Synch version 5.0 highlights: improved collaboration

Widebridge PTT

We’re proud to present the WideBridge 5.0 version – a massive amount of features and improvements is added in this version, with most of them aimed at improving organizations collaboration. Collaboration is taking the PTT to the next step, by adding text, imaging and video to interactions of front line workers, in addition to the […]