• What is broadband PTT and what is it used for?

What is broadband PTT and what is it used for?

Gone are the days of clunky walkie-talkies and missed calls. Modern broadband Push-to-Talk (PTT) solutions offer a powerful communication upgrade for today’s mobile workforce. This article by Guy Halamish, head of product and marketing at Synch PTT, dives into the intricacies of broadband PTT technology, exploring its advantages over traditional radio systems and showcasing its feature-rich functionalities. 

Beyond Radio Devices: PTT in the Modern Era 

Imagine instant voice communication with your entire team – a single press of a button gets your message across clearly, simultaneously reaching everyone in your group. PTT apps like Synch PTT make this a reality, eliminating the need for dialing and waiting for responses. This real-time communication is crucial for sectors like first responders and logistics crews, where split-second coordination can make all the difference. 

However, PTT is more than just a digital walkie-talkie. It seamlessly blends the hands-free voice capabilities your teams demand with the flexibility of modern smartphones.  devices vary from iPhone, Android smartphones, through hardened radio-like Android devices with screens and down to Android based screenless devices that look and feel exactly like radio devices, 

Similar to traditional radio, PTT broadcasts can utilize loud external speakers, ensuring messages are heard despite noisy environments. But it also offers the option of discreet one-on-one conversations through Bluetooth headsets and smartphones. 


Push to Talk Over Cellular (POC) 

Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) is where this powerful communication method truly evolves, taking voice communications into the future. PoC apps for Android and iOS transform your smartphone into an enterprise-grade communication hub, while ruggedized smart devices give you a dedicated PTT experience in a tough, portable form factor built for the field. 

But these mobile PTT platforms are more than just voice comms – they’re collaboration powerhouses packed with advanced features to keep teams operating at peak productivity. From location tracking and mapping to automated check-ins and safety alerts, multimedia file sharing, video broadcasting, and integrated team chat, PoC such as Synch PTT app centralizes all your operational coordination in one seamless experience. 

What really separates PoC from traditional radio is its vast coverage powered by cellular networks. PoC leverages cellular networks for global coverage. As long as you have a data connection, crystal-clear PTT communication is available anywhere in the world. This translates to seamless global coordination and team collaboration, untethered by geographical limitations. 

Advantages of PTT over cellular on analogue Radio Network system 

While analog radio systems like TETRA offer appreciated qualities like stability and simplicity, PoC solutions (broadband PTT) running over modern cellular networks provide significant advantages: 

  • Coverage Unlimited: PoC leverages nationwide mobile networks, eliminating the geographical limitations and infrastructure costs of deploying physical repeaters for analog radio coverage. 
  • Secure Communications: PTT apps (and Synch PTT in particular) employ robust encryption for telecommunication security, safeguarding conversations. 
  • Data Storage: Cloud capabilities allow PoC platforms to preserve historical audio, location data, and more on secure servers. 
  • Superior Voice Quality: Cellular PoC mitigates the interference issues that can plague analog radio communications. 
  • Multimedia Enabled: In addition to voice, PoC solutions enable sharing photos, videos, and files for enhanced collaboration. 
  • Precise Geolocation: With access to mobile device GPS data, PoC tracks team member locations accurately. Integration to indoor location technologies is also used in large campuses, hospitals and other facilities.
  • Cost-Effective Flexibility: PoC requires only a mobile data plan, with user licensing costs scaling based on needed features. The upfront costs of the PTT solution are significantly lower than those of traditional radio systems. 
Broadband PTT
Synch PTT main screens

Market Segments Using Broadband PPT 

Whether you’re an event coordinator marshaling staff, a security detail maintaining vigilance, or a field team navigating complex jobsites, PTT keeps everyone synchronized and responsive at all times. This is why it’s prevalent to observe the implementation of PTT technology in sectors that demand critical communications, real-time coordination, and the management of deskless teams:  

  • First responders, public safety, help and rescue 
  • Security 
  • Transportation, logistics, courier services 
  • Construction and engineering 
  • Hospitality  
  • Event management 
  • Police and military 
  • Utility, gas and oil 

And more…  

Key Features of Broadband PPT  

Effective communication is crucial for the success of any team. The following are some examples of how a broadband PTT app can elevate voice communication beyond traditional radio devices.  

While various PTT applications offer different levels of features, the following are some of the standout capabilities of the Synch broadband PTT app, showcasing its potential as a highly feature-rich system. These powerful features are designed to enhance workforce collaboration and streamline communication: 

  • Voice Communication: Synch takes PTT to the next level with clear, reliable voice communication, added with features such as message playback for missed messages, a comprehensive call history, and the ability to reconnect with anyone who’s contacted you.
    Additionally, organizations can choose a mode that best suits their needs, from replicating traditional radio services with Synch’s “Radio Mode” to enabling multi-group listening and PTT for complex communication scenarios.
  • Worker Collaboration and chat: Synch enables seamless communication between workers, allowing them to easily connect and collaborate with each other via text and chat. It improves productivity and streamlines workflows, making it easier for teams to get work done, share files, pictures, recordings, video and documents.
  • Map and Location of Users: Organizations can effortlessly monitor the location of their workers in real-time with Synch PTT application. Workers can also view the location of their teammates on a map, enabling better coordination of actions. This feature offers valuable insights into worker activity, enhancing safety and improving coordination. To ensure privacy, the application provides customizable options for authorizing and exposing location data based on user and organizational preferences and permissions.

Map Points of Interest and Geofences: Synch supports the creation of points of interest (POI) and geofences, enabling organizations to designate specific areas on a map and receive alerts when workers enter or exit those areas. This feature enhances safety and security, and provides organizations with better workforce management capabilities.
With Synch’s POI and geofences, organizations can take advantage of additional features such as geofence severity color coding, proximity alerts alerting users before they enter the danger zone, and advanced exposure settings that define who can see the geofences, receive alerts, and activate selective alerts.

Synch PTT
Synch’s Dispatch Console provide control rooms with browser based command and control center
  • Dynamic Geofence Groups: Our application also supports the automatic provisioning of geofence groups based on user location. This feature enables organizations to quickly send alerts to specific groups of workers within a geographical perimeter, improving real-time communication and coordination based on location. With dynamic geofence groups, organizations can ensure that the right workers are receiving the right alerts at the right time, streamlining communication and improving response times.
  •  Lone worker safety – it is often treated as a separate service category, but Synch seamlessly integrates this critical functionality into our Push-to-Talk (PTT) application. Our lone worker feature is designed to safeguard employees operating alone or in high-risk environments. The feature enables organizations to rapidly respond to incidents and elevate worker safety while ensuring compliance with safe worker regulations and industry best practices with functionalities such as: 
    • Check-in to safe worker mode indicating the user is at risk or working alone 
    • Avatars color and design change to clearly signal all other users that the user had entered safe worker mode. 
    • Periodic status update reminders 
    • Real-time monitoring and alerts 
    • Worker down alarms when no movement is detected 
    • Automated emergency alarms
  • Centralized Workforce Command and Control- Synch’s Command and Control Interface is an example of the advantages of a robust, web-based control center that provides organizations with a centralized view and oversight of their entire workforce. This powerful feature enables real-time management, monitoring, and incident response capabilities from a unified operational hub. With Synch’s Command and Control Interface, organizations gain a mission-critical tool for maintaining complete operational visibility and control over their mobile workforce operations, maximizing efficiency and responsiveness. Key capabilities include: 
    • Geospatial mapping of user locations 
    • Streamlined user communication channels 
    • Presence monitoring and historical playback 
    • Centralized task assignment and alert handling 
    • Through an intuitive PC/Mac interface, operations personnel can seamlessly track personnel activity, visualize deployment statuses, and coordinate actions across teams. This unified perspective enhances situational awareness and accelerates decision-making processes. 

Team collaboration happens in Synch 

The advantages of Synch broadband PTT make it an increasingly attractive option for teams that require reliable, secure, and data-enriched communication – from first responders like police, fire, and EMS to enterprise field operations across industries 


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