Admin Console

The Synch Admin Console is a centralized web based service management environment for service providers and organizations. 


Within the Admin Console, provisioning users, permissions, capabilities and various system entities is made easy on a web interface. 

Users, devices and groups are easily provisioned with batch operation and import capabilities so thousands of entities (users, devices, groups, and more) can be created and managed at once. Logs and recordings can be viewed and researched.

Synch's Admin Console key features:

Centralized service management

Admin console is Synch’s advanced centralized web based management environments. Supporting multiple authorization levels and access rights it is where all system entities (organizations, users, groups, devices etc.) are provisioned and allocated with capabilities and permissions. 

Authorization and access control

Within Admin Console, all users are defined with the access rights the organization whishes to provide them with. Some may have all system features available and others might be restricted to specific tasks and capabilities. With the Admin Console easy to use interface, organization admins set all service parameters easily.  

Users, groups and entities provisioning

Upon setting a new organization, department or users, admin gets the tools to easily provision system entities in a batch. Either by uploading CSV files or by applying batch templates on multiple users at once. 

Capabilities allocation

Synch is a reach, advanced and full of features PTT platform. Admins can decide which of the features it allows each user to use. Dozens of features and capabilities can be set to “on” or “off” easily, either one by one, on groups and on the organization level.

Logs and recordings

An optional recording service allows for organizations to record PTT communications in their organization groups, as well as in Safe Worker incidents. Admin Console’s recording and log tools are easy to use interfaces for searching, filtering, download and replay of communications and actions history with safe access controls.